Customer survey reveals car dealerships' shortcomings

The results of 10,000 car dealer reviews from customers have been analysed to reveal why businesses are missing out on sales.

The research by JudgeService found that 24 per cent of customers would walk away from a deal because the overall offering was not attractive enough. Meanwhile, 22 per cent said they pulled out because they did not like the part exchange offered and nine per cent claimed they were put off by the general sales experience.

The results illustrate that customers, unsurprisingly, are looking for a combination of both value and a simple buying experience. The same is true when it comes time for the car dealerships themselves to acquire their business insurance; many will shop around for the best online motor trade insurance quote – with the likes of ChoiceQuote offering easy ways to obtain quotes via an simple online form – but it is important to not just look for the cheapest deal but to also include a focus on finding a policy that meets all of the business’ specific needs.

JudgeService’s study also revealed that 35 per cent of customers who chose not to buy a vehicle were still in the market 48 hours after visiting the dealership. This means that there was still a valuable opportunity for dealerships to follow up on an initial visit and correct any problems that had led to the sale falling through.

JudgeService sales director Dale Woodley commented on the findings: "In an increasingly competitive market, it's crucial that dealers secure up-to-date customer feedback, allowing them to stay one step ahead of their peers.

"The results from our data show how easily a sale can be lost, but they also demonstrate that it's not the end of the road if you don't secure a sale on the customer's first visit.”