Data reveals the colour of car most likely to be in an accident

A new study has revealed that there are certain car colours which are more likely to be involved in a prang.

ChipsAway, the UK’s leading brand in minor automotive paintwork repairs, has examined its data to see which colours of car tend to require the most work to remove dents and scrapes. It found that it was actually silver cars that needed the most attention, with this colour accounting for 24 per cent of paintwork jobs the company carried out.

Regardless of the colour of the vehicle, mechanics and dealers must have a road risks insurance policy in place so they can drive the cars they are repairing or selling – this will mean that any damage done to the vehicle while the motor trader is behind the wheel will be covered by the insurance.

Second on the list of car colours most likely to be involved in a minor prang was black, with the colour accounting for 21 per cent of total repairs. In third place was blue, which accounted for 18 per cent of repair despite the fact that this colour only made up 13 per cent of new car registrations in 2014.

Grey, the third-most popular car colour in the UK at the moment, was fourth on ChipsAway's list – it accounted for 14 per cent of repair, which is the exact same percentage of cars sold in 2014 in that colour. And number five on the list was red, with nine per cent of the company's repair work taking place on cars of this colour.