Data security in the spotlight at Car Dealer Conference

The issue of data security and its effect on the success of a car dealership will be the focus of one of the workshops at the upcoming Car Dealer Conference and Automotive Expo at Silverstone on 9 June.

Hosted by corporate intelligence specialists CiRO, the session will cover the best ways to secure car dealership customer database and how to protect sensitive business data from departing employees.

Ensuring adequate security is a vital part of running a successful car dealership. Motor trade insurance policies are the first step in securing a business, providing protection for all businesses assets. Many car dealers then turn to data security to protect their customer database and prevent the leaking of sensitive data.

The CiRO team will be led by chief executive officer James Brazier, who has promised a "relevant and interesting" session covering data security issues, intellectual property and cyber threat.

"We want to educate people generally and explain in simple terms what a cyber threat is and how cyber information theft may affect not just people in business but individuals as well," he said.

According to Car Dealer Magazine, the team will also be joined by supporting lawyers who will explain the process of recovering losses following the identification of a data breach.