DCM and Rockar team up for test-drive software deal

Hyundai's Rockar dealerships, which allow drivers to take cars out for solo test-drives as part of the buying process, has teamed up with DCM Connected to further enhance the experience for drivers, while protecting Rockar's test-drive fleet.

The technology creates a data feed from the vehicle being test-driven, to Rockar's UK mapping. It will also deliver detailed analysis of the driver's behaviour to enable the sales staff to recommend the very best vehicle to suit each driver.

Test drives are at the centre of Rockar's selling approach and are an increasingly important part of the buying process for drivers, who can research almost every other detail of their car online before even stepping into a dealership. However, from a dealer's point of view, this makes it even more vital to obtain full road risk insurance to protect your fleet.

Rockar has dealerships in a variety of locations around the UK, including some high profile shopping centres, such as Bluewater and Westfield. They also have a site at the Olympic Park. It intends to offer a new, more modern version of the traditional car dealership model and its YouDrive test drive programme is at the centre of this.

The Managing Director of Rockar, Paul Stokes, commented: “Rockar was founded to rejuvenate the car buying process, giving the customer clarity and choice. DCM Connected empowers both the customer and our Rockar Angels by arming them both with detailed mechanical and behavioural feedback.

“As a comprehensive telematics package it has depth, giving us unprecedented visibility over our fleet and allowing us to manage both the vehicles and the inherent risks associated with it.”