Dealer Association calls for clampdown on unskilled mechanics

The National Franchised Dealer Association (NFDA) has called for a clampdown on unskilled car mechanics to try to put a stop to rogue traders.

The NFDA has voiced its concerns as many motorists in the UK are unaware that mechanics do not need any particular license, meaning poorly trained individuals can set up their own repair shop. Auto Express reported that several industry bodies are now requesting proper certification to bring an end to cowboy mechanics.

Another key part of becoming a legitimate mechanic is having a road risks insurance policy – this is necessary for anyone that needs to drive other people’s vehicles as part of their business practices.

This has also been an issue, with some people abusing the insurance policy to allow friends and family, rather than employees, to get cover to drive other vehicles. This has again led to calls for more stringent measure to regulate and monitor the industry.

Returning to the issues of licensing, NFDA director Sue Robinson asserted: “This is a situation that needs to change. Therefore we are calling for tougher, legally enforced minimum standards.”

Gerry Taylor from Trading Standards added: “You wouldn’t let an unlicensed repairer fix your gas boiler, so why is it okay for an unskilled mechanic to work on your car? They’re both safety hazards.”