Dealers could secure more after sales work, report finds

Car dealers could do more to retain customers after making a sale, according to the findings of a new report.

Although six out of 10 customers interviewed by researchers for a joint Automotive Management and poll said their dealers sent reminders of when a service or MOT was due, 40 per cent did not.

Garages that have repair and maintenance facilities can be more profitable than those simply selling vehicles, but if you do provide both services, you should check you are adequately covered by your road risks insurance or combined motor trade insurance.

The report found that as well as the 18 per cent who had a service plan with the garage they bought their vehicle from, a further 29 per cent returned to the same site for services and maintenance.

According to the research, customers want a speedy transaction. More than six in 10 said they would prefer a time slot for MOT and service work, so they could wait for their car.

Similarly, when buying a vehicle, 56 per cent said they would expect to have the necessary paperwork completed and be out of the showroom within an hour. Some 12 per cent said they would like to tie everything up in the space of 30 minutes.

Terry Hogan, managing director of, said: "Most consumers think spending no more than an hour in the dealership when finalising the purchase is ample, suggesting that dealers and manufacturers should speed up the process. By becoming more digital, dealers will spend less time on paperwork and ultimately generate more sales."