Dealers must use technology to draw young customers

Car dealers must remain up to date with technology in order to draw interest from the younger generation of car buyers, according to a new study.

The newly published J.D. Power 2017 UK Customer Service Index (CSI) Study has revealed that 88 per cent of used car customers with a satisfaction score of more than 900 out of 1,000 said they would “definitely” return to their previous car dealer for warranty services and 81 per cent would return for future paid work.

However, of those respondents who gave a satisfaction score of between 700 and 899 out of 1,000, only 66 per cent said they would definitely return for warranty services and 49 per cent for paid services.

According to Car Dealer Magazine, the study suggested that there are a number of ways car dealers can increase satisfaction among customers, including offering a variety of methods of booking appointments, such as text and online bookings, as well as offering access to online services in the building or WiFi for customer use.

The rise of technology use in the industry has made it difficult for car dealers to keep up with competition unless they’re technologically savvy, but it’s important for dealerships to remain on top of their game to ensure they keep hold of their market share. One way of achieving this is to ensure all motor trade insurance policies are up to date, so car dealers are legally and financially covered no matter what changes they make to their business.

Commenting on the report, Dr Axel Sprenger, managing director of J.D. Power Europe stated that car dealers who fail to account for changes in consumer preferences and preferences of younger generations will miss out on the chance to keep their business thriving in the future.

“Car dealers who aren’t prioritising technology options are missing out on an opportunity to connect with a younger generation of customers,” he said. “As these consumers begin to account for a larger number of vehicle sales and service visits, it’s important for dealers to be able to cater to their needs to differentiate themselves from competitors and drive loyalty.”