Dealers 'should expect strong second half of April'

A study conducted by search site has found that, in the seven-day period following the Easter bank holiday, car dealers have enjoyed a record level of leads.

According to the search site, dealerships can expect this trend to continue throughout the second half of April as levels of car sales continue to peak.

Car sales often fluctuate throughout the year, but a prolonged rise can mean an increase in visitors and test drives for dealerships. No matter what their level of sales, it is vital that car dealers regularly re-evaluate their road risks insurance or combined motor trade insurance policy to make sure it provides adequate cover all year round.

Andy Coulthurst, Motors’ managing director, believes the recent peak was caused by an increase in shoppers searching over the Easter break. Despite this, he predicts that the uplift will remain pronounced throughout the month.

"Recent days are still producing a record volume of leads. However, while the fine weather we have been experiencing may have delayed visits to showrooms, dealers should expect a strong performance through the remainder of the month as the heatwave continues," he said.

Coulthurst has also highlighted the improved sales performance of convertibles, which have seen a surge in popularity as the sunny weather has swept across the UK.