Dealership writes off three cars after icy road incident

A number of cars on a Norfolk dealership forecourt have been written off after a local motorist lost control of his vehicle and ploughed into the dealership in icy conditions.

The incident is one of many that have been reported over the past few days – a period that has seen temperatures plummet as low as -9 degrees in parts of the UK.

Damage totalling £45,000 was reported by Mark Kilbourn, the owner of the WS Kilbourn & Son dealership on Mill Road in Hempnall, Norfolk. He told reporters at the Eastern Daily Press: "It happened at about 6:30 am. Three of our cars were written off and a wall was damaged."

Freezing temperatures can make accidents more likely and at this time of year it is more vital than ever for dealers to ensure that they have the right level of road risks insurance to make sure they are protected should they damage a customer's car in wintry conditions.

Local police reacted to the accident by taking the opportunity to urge people to drive more carefully in frosty and icy conditions. This week's weather has also prompted tyre firm Bridgestone to issue some advice to motorists on how best to protect themselves and their vehicles when temperatures fall.

Managing director Robin Shaw explained: "Driving in winter conditions is something everyone must prepare for. It is not only about having the right tyres; the driver's behaviour is also essential in these conditions as he or she needs to understand and adapt to different winter hazards."

Luckily no one was injured in the Norfolk incident, despite the vehicle driven by the local overturning.