Eric Morecambe's classic Jensen up for sale

A car that belonged to comedian Eric Morecambe is being put up for sale after undergoing extensive restoration.

The Jensen Interceptor was bought by Silverstone Auctions, the company which runs classic and supercar sales. It sent it to Cropredy Bridge, a Jensen specialist, to restore it to pristine condition.

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Morecambe, best-known for his comedy partnership with Ernie Wise, paid £4,500 for the Jensen when he bought it new in 1968. Silverstone Auctions is aiming to sell it for around £150,000.

The car had been stored in the garage at the comedy legend’s home in Hertfordshire but it needed extensive work to bring it up to its current condition. Silverstone has owned the car since 2014 and kept a dedicated website to record the work that was carried out on the vehicle.

Morecambe, who died in 1984, drove the car himself and was also driven by his chauffeur Mike Fountain, who told the BBC that the Jensen was the star’s favourite car.

However, Morecambe did have some issues with the vehicle and in 1970, he wrote to Jensen to complain about the bodywork.

He said: "Whilst bearing in mind that even the best chrome does not last forever, the car has not had much use as the mileage is now only fourteen-and-a-half thousand miles and has always been kept in a garage.

"As for the paint work, I would refrain from comment, but would say that it is not what I expect of a £4,500 motor car.”

The issues were addressed by the company, and Morecambe kept the car until his death.