Female drivers more likely to speed than men, study finds

Contrary to popular belief, new research has indicated that women actually break the speed limit more often than men.

Telematics technology provider In-Car Cleverness monitored more than 10,000 rental vehicles over a six-month period to see how the vehicles were driven. The company found that women exceeded the speed limit 17.5 per cent more on average, although the study also found that men were more likely to be involved in accidents; 84 per cent of the cars returned with dents, scratches and punctures had been rented by male drivers.

Studies have shown that drivers behind the wheel of other people's cars tend to be more reckless in their driving. For car dealers and mechanics, who drive cars that are not their own on a daily basis, they must be careful to ensure this is not the case – a road risks insurance policy is a must as it ensure the individual or business has suitable protection in case they damage someone else's vehicle when driving.

Across the six-month hire period, the technology showed that the average number of speeding incidents was 57 for men and 67 for women. However, female drivers who damaged cars sped more often, averaging 90 speeding cases.

Paul O’Dowd of In-Car Cleverness commented: "While the number of cars damaged by the opposite sexes varies, the behaviours which result in damage are consistently similar. The statistics show a clear correlation between vehicle damage and instances of speeding, harsh braking and acceleration."