Fire crews tackle blaze at Bradford car garage

Firefighters are still tackling a blaze that has engulfed a car repair centre and garage.

The fire started at Bradford BM Ltd on Tuesday evening (28 July) and fire crews were quickly on site trying to extinguish the flames, with fears raised over the safety for local residents because of the presence of asbestos. As many as 15 cars have caught fire and people living near the garage in Priestman Street, Manningham, have been told to stay indoors and avoid the thick smoke covering the area.

Fires are an unfortunate risk for a business and the damage that can be done either deliberately or by accident can be catastrophic. To balance the risk, car garages and dealerships ought to have a combined motor trade insurance policy in place that will offer financial cover for everything stored on site, as well as the building itself, just in case they should be damaged or destroyed in a fire.

Bradford BM Ltd is used as a car repair centre and a second-hand car dealership. A fire service spokesman said: "The roof collapsed and Bradford Council emergency planning officer and structural engineer officer attended.

"The Environment Agency also attended due to large amounts of smoke over the residential area."

The cause of the fire is due to be investigated while the building will be demolished once the fire has been fully extinguished.