Garage worker crushed to death by runaway car

A garage worker in Northern Ireland has been fatally crushed by a runaway car, an inquest has found.

Martin Wilson, 51, worked as a valet at the Monaghan Brothers Garage in Lisnaskea when a car that he had parked began rolling backwards across the car park. As he ran to catch up with the moving vehicle and bring it to a halt he found himself trapped in front of it and was crushed to death.

Tragic incidents such as this illustrate the importance for car garages and dealerships to have a high quality combined motor trade insurance policy in place. Not only would the company require a road risks insurance policy to allow Mr Wilson to drive vehicles in its care, but it would need employer’s liability cover, which could provide financial protection for the risks faced by employees as they go about their day-to-day tasks on the premises.

Mr Wilson’s death dates back to 7 December 2013, but the results of the inquest have only been presented 11 months later, the Belfast Telegraph reported.

Coroner John Leckey said Mr Wilson's death was caused by crush asphyxia associated with multiple rib fractures. Mr Leckey said that the garage worker had "a moment's inadvertence" when he left the locked car in neutral without the handbrake on – the slight decline in the surface of the car park was enough to set the vehicle in motion.