Half of car buyers are undecided on next purchase, research finds

Half of people planning to buy a used car do not know what model they are going to opt for, according to Auto Trader.

The findings of Auto Trader’s Buyer Behaviour Study revealed that just 52 per cent of all buyers know the exact make and model they want before searching for their next used car. Of the 48 per cent who are undecided, 27 per cent have no idea of make or model, while six per cent have chosen the make of the car they would like to buy.

As part of the car buying process, many customers will want to test drive potential purchases. To enable them to do so safely, car dealers should have demonstration cover as part of their combined motor trade insurance policy; as long as the test driver produces a valid driver's licence and is accompanied by a member of staff, demonstration cover will provide insurance for them during the test drive.

Auto Trader's survey found that women are more indecisive than men when it comes to choosing their next car, with 32 per cent starting the buying process with a blank sheet, compared to 21 per cent of men. In the decision making process, more customers are now going online to do their research.

Auto Trader’s market research director Nick King explained: "Today’s consumers make decisions online because it’s easy and they feel more in control. By the time they make the journey to a physical forecourt, most will have researched extensively: they will know exactly what car they want, how much they should be paying for it, and a lot about the retailer from which they wish to buy"