Highlands classic car garage up in flames

A classic car restoration specialist has told the Press and Journal newspaper of how his garage went up in flames earlier in May.

Some 12 fire fighters fought the blaze at Ogilvy Car Restorations garage in Grantown-on-Spey in the Scottish Highlands and eventually managed to get the fire under control.

The fire started when an old ambulance, which owner Jonathan Ogilvy was working on, set alight. He was carrying out some welding work on the ambulance at the time.

Ogilvy told the paper: “I was welding on a motor home, and an ex-Ford ambulance we have had for about 16 years. I was doing some MOT work to get it back on the road. I had finished, everything was okay, and I turned around and it had actually caught fire in a different area to where I was working.

“I’ve been doing this job for 25 years, I had the fire extinguisher at hand, but I was still caught out. I feel a bit emotional about it now.”

Luckily for the owner, the fire fighters managed to contain the fire. They also managed to limit damage to the roof of the extension he was working on and to the ambulance itself. Mr Ogilvy may not have been so lucky, however, and stories like this highlight the importance of keeping motor trade insurance up to date.