Homes and businesses evacuated after car valeting premises blaze

Homes and businesses had to be evacuated after a fire broke out in a garage and car wash used as a car valeting business.

There were concerns for people living and working around the business in Irvine in Scotland due to the close proximity of gas canisters to the scene and fears that they may ignite. Tyres at the garage business on Ayr Road caught fire and sent thick black plumes of smoke into the sky which could be seen for miles around.
Premises that were not evacuated by police and firecrews were told to keep their doors and windows closed to keep the smoke out.

Although fires of this scale are thankfully rare in the motor industry, it’s important to ensure you have the correct insurance policies in place in case you suffer from the effects of a blaze or flooding at your business. As well as general motor trade insurance, you should consider business interruption cover, which can help a business survive if it is the victim of fire, flooding or a break-in and has to close for a period. Business interruption insurance ensures that you will receive a payout while you are unable to work because your premises are closed or you have to replace equipment vital to running the business.

In the Irvine fire, firecrews were able to prevent the blaze spreading to the gas canisters on the premises, which were at risk of explosion, and extinguished the flames. People were allowed to return to their homes once the danger of the gas igniting had passed but part of the local area was cordoned off while firefighters continued the clear-up operation.

The cause of the fire has not yet been confirmed but is likely to be investigated by the authorities to discover how it started.