Honest taxi driver hands back car dealer's £10,000

An honest taxi driver has received a much deserved reward after returning a passenger's bag containing £10,000.

Car dealer Adrian Quinn said Mohammed Nisar saved his business when he kept the large amount of money safe at a station taxi rank. The 46-year-old dealer was running late for one of his regular business trips to British Car Auctions in Walsall following a train cancellation and did not have time to make his usual trip to the bank to deposit the money, which was left in his rucksack.

Mr Quinn realised he had left the bag in the taxi just seconds after 55-year-old Mr Nisar dropped him off, but after eventually flagging down another cab he arrived back at the station taxi rank to find the cabbie sitting in his taxi with the bag safely on the passenger seat.

Though an uplifting story, car dealers cannot always rely on the kindness of others to protect their business – that is why it is so important that they have a road risks insurance or combined motor trade insurance policy in place. This will provide cover for the business and its assets in case of theft, damage and a range of other risks they face.

The father of three has admitted he was very emotional when he was reunited with the money. "If I'd lost that bag it would have been the end of my business. We have built it up from nothing for the last nine years and we are sole traders," he said.

To thank Mr Nisar for his honesty, Mr Quinn gave the taxi driver a cash reward in an envelope marked "to my best friend in the world", and invited him and his wife to his home for a meal.