Hornchurch car dealer fined for selling car with false history

A car dealer from Hornchurch has been fined £5,000 after being found guilty of selling a vehicle with a false service history.

Snaresbrook Crown Court found Presley Ogbondah, director of MPH Cars Ltd in Billet Lane, Hornchurch, culpable of failing to check the history of a car that he sold. Soon after the vehicle was sold the buyer noticed loud noises coming from the engine, which eventually needed to be replaced at a considerable cost.

The story is just one in an increasingly long line of cases in which car dealerships have been caught falsifying vehicles’ history, whether by clocking them or not revealing their past owners. The fact that they are being brought to justice shows that such deception rarely pays, and the same is true when it comes to securing cheap motor trade insurance; fraudulently lying to or misleading brokers about details of your business to obtain a cheaper quote is not only illegal but can see your company come a cropper if you don’t have the necessary cover for something you might need to claim on in the future.

In the case of Mr Ogbondah, the Romford Recorder revealed that the owner of the car contacted the main dealership and discovered that the service history supplied with the vehicle was false and the car had not been serviced by MPH Cars as claimed.

While Mr Ogbondah had not falsified the history himself, he pleaded guilty to engaging in a commercial practice that breached the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations. He was fined £1,000, charged £1,000 in costs and ordered to pay £3,000 in compensation to the consumer.