Inability to find faults 'car dealers' biggest failure'

Failing to find out what the fault is with their vehicle is customers' biggest gripe with their car dealer, a study has found.

The Driver Power 2015 survey by Auto Express quizzed 61,000 people about what they thought the biggest fault was with their car dealership. Top of the list, selected by a third (33 per cent) of respondents, was a failure to identify a problem with a car, followed by unanswered phone calls (28 per cent) and failure to explain a problem (15 per cent).

To help them find faults with customers' vehicles, a car dealer ought to have a road risks insurance policy. This will enable them to drive other people's cars for work purposes, which can enable them to pinpoint any problems the vehicle might be suffering from.

Other issues customers had with their dealership included discourteous staff (11 per cent), cars not being cleaned (eight per cent) and unexplained bills (six per cent).

According to the survey, more than one in five car owners felt they had cause to complain to their dealer, and just 30 per cent said they were happy with the response they got.

Of those who went to a franchise dealership, the most popular brand was Lexus. The main complaint with this manufacturer's dealerships was that they failed to answer calls.