Increase in clocked cars being sold, report finds

There has been a rise in the number of used cars being sold either clocked or with serious faults not being disclosed, a new report has revealed.

The Government-backed Used Car Commission found that there has been an increase in the number of complaints made by car buyers, with 50,000 made to Citizens Advice in the six months to the end of September. The commission also stated that, according to the AA, 210,000 cars are sold with major faults every year, while a further 180,000 vehicles are sold with miles taken off the odometer.

As these dishonest practices become increasingly commonplace, it is important to note that not only can they land a car dealer in hot water with the law, they can also have an adverse effect on the chances of obtaining motor trade insurance. Whether it is a road risks insurance policy or a more comprehensive combined traders’ policy, if a dealer has a black mark on their history for illegal practices, the chances of getting a good policy are going to be greatly diminished.

The charity Citizens Advice says that it now deals with more complaints about used cars than anything else. It is calling for greater protection to be given to car buyers to ensure they are not caught out by dodgy dealers.

Following on from the findings of its report, the commission also recommends police and trading standards officers must work together better in a bid to thwart organised criminals who steal vehicles to export, clone or break them up for parts.