Industry expert offers 10 tips to maximise used car sales

Industry expert Louise Wallis has offered used car dealers her top 10 tips to maximise sales.

The head of business development at the National Funeral Directors Association (NFDA) told delegates at the recent AM Used Car Market Conference that the priority must always be to match stock with the desires of the customers. She added that dealers – whether independent or a franchise – should ensure they try to rotate stock every 45 days, even if it means selling cars below the target price; this is better than waiting to see if they can sell vehicles for a higher value.

As well as maximising sales, another way a car dealer can improve profits is by getting the best deal possible on their road risks insurance or combined motor trade insurance policy. Using expert brokers such as ChoiceQuote will allow a dealer to examine what the market has to offer, thereby making sure they get the right policy that could not only save them money in the short term but could also ensure profits remain intact in the future by safeguarding them against unforeseen problems.

Wallis’ other top tips included making sure that a dealer has the full documentation and vehicle history for the cars they are selling, while digital marketing and finance offers were other key ways she highlighted for boosting sales.

Offering adds-ons, service plans, qualifying the customer, following up post sale and hiring good sales staff completed the 10-strong list.