Kids force over three quarters of parents to buy a new car

More than three quarters of parents say that having children meant they had to buy a new car, according to a survey by Auto Trader.

The research found that 78 per cent of parents purchased a new car following the arrival of a child. Furthermore, more than a third (37 per cent) say that the fact they have children is an influencing factor when they decide what car they are going to buy next.

As a result, car dealers must be aware of what the most popular vehicles are among parents with young children. This in turn can inform the cars their business stocks, which will also have the knock-on effect of determining the type and cost of their road risks insurance or combined motor trade insurance policy.

According to Auto Trader, the BMW 3 Series is the most searched for family car on its website, followed by the German manufacturer's 5 Series.

Nathan Coe, a director at Auto Trader, commented: "A substantial amount of research has been done looking at how the decision of the car buyer can be influenced and at what stage in the buying journey.

"But few have really considered the role that children play, or the influence of pester power. If one of the kids doesn’t like the shape or colour of your next car, or it doesn’t come with plug-in for an i-Pad, then you’d better be prepared for some serious pestering."