Kit Car enthusiast starts repair business

A couple from Blackpool have created a business based on an unusual concept in car repairs after developing a new love for kit cars.

After creating a kit car with their son, Andy and Michelle Lucas decided they wished to share their skills with other families who lacked the space and support to take on the challenge, and so U-Repair was born.

Any mechanic who launches a new business must always be diligent in sourcing a road risks insurance policy that will enable them to drive the vehicles they are repairing. Furthermore, any mechanic operating out of a set business premises should obtain a combined motor trade insurance that provides cover against theft or damage for the valuable stock, parts and equipment stored on site, as well as the building itself.

The new Moor Park Avenue garage is a bespoke car repair service that provides people with the storage space and advice to help them with repairs and other motor projects.

The garage welcomes anyone from novice to export, all of whom can hire ramps, use the in-house tool kits, join a course or subscribe to a support package to help them complete a car kit.

“We welcome all car and motorbike enthusiasts, professionals, retired mechanics and mobile mechanics to get in touch if they need some ramp time or practical support," said Andy.