London mechanic ordered to vacate garage

A mechanic in London has been ordered to vacate the premises of his car repair shop after losing a 12-year planning battle.

Richard Hough first locked horns with developers to stay at his Autoclutch garage in Station Road, South Norwood in 2002, the Croydon Advertiser reporter. Located by the railway lines, Greathall has wished to build flats on the site for some time and, after losing a court hearing last week when applying for a new lease, Mr Hough has been ordered to vacate the premises to allow development to go ahead.

For a company or individual that is repairing or servicing vehicles, it is important to remember the different types of motor trade insurance available. In Mr Hough’s case he would have previously required a combined motor trade insurance policy to cover his business practices as well as any vehicles or equipment stored on the premises, not to mention the building itself. For a company that does not operate from a specific site – a business model Mr Hough might now be forced to adopt – a road risks insurance policy will still cover employees to drive other people’s cars as part of the business.

Greathall bought the site from Network Rail over 10 years ago but had not been granted planning permission to develop it until 2011. However, Mr Hough told Croydon County Court that he believed the developers have no intention to honour the plans to build on the site.

Nevertheless, now they have been given the green light to build on the plot, Mr Hough will have to leave his repair shop by 29 August, something he said deeply upset him. He added that he plans to appeal the decision.