Man injured during robbery at Cheshire car dealership

A man working at a car dealership in Cheshire has been injured after a robber sped away with a vehicle he was test-driving.

On the afternoon of Thursday 5 June, a man in his 20s or 30s walked into the Aston Martin Dealership on Water Lane asking to test drive one of the vehicles in the showroom with the view to purchasing it for his wife, reported. Once he was in the black BMW 320D convertible outside, he slammed on the accelerator while the driver-side door was still open, shoving the salesman in attendance into the road, leaving him with serious hip injuries.

The story illustrates several important features of combined motor trade insurance. Firstly, the theft of the BMW reiterates the need to ensure any vehicles kept on the business premises are protected against robberies or damage by a combined traders’ policy. Secondly, the injury to the member of staff shows the value of having employers’ liability cover; this could protect the owner of the firm should an employee suffer an injury while at work.

Thirdly, although in this case the guise of a test-drive was merely used as a ploy so the man could speed away with the car, this incident does raise the issue of having demonstration cover, an insurance that any company providing test-driving services ought to have in place. As long as the driver issues a valid licence and has a member of staff in the car with them then the vehicle will be covered against the risks of letting a customer drive it on the roads.

The police in Cheshire are appealing for anyone who can provide details on the offender or the missing vehicle to come forward.