Man jailed after ram raiding car dealership

A drug addict in Grimsby has damaged the gates and vehicles of a local car dealership when he attempted to break in and steal cars.

Karl Smith, 25, broke into Motors of Brighowgate and damaged a number of vehicles while ramming them into the gates before stealing two others. Mr Smith, who is estimated to have caused £3,000 worth of damage to the gates and vehicles, told police when he was caught that he was “M-catted out of his mind”.

While it is not a legal requirement, incidents like this illustrate the value of having a combined motor trade insurance policy to cover vehicles located on your business premises. Though a standard road risks insurance policy will cover cars out on the roads, should a break-in occur at a dealership or garage over night, you will need a combined traders policy to ensure the vehicles are still covered. Moreover, this more comprehensive type of cover could also offer protection to your building, should things like gates be damaged during an attempted break-in.

Shortly after stealing the vehicles from the used car seller, Mr Smith attempted to burgle Blossom Way Sports And Social Club. Police were called to the scene and arrested the man, with the stolen vehicles returned to the owners.

Mr Smith was jailed for 28 months by Grimsby Crown Court for a "drug-fuelled spree of offences", including aggravated vehicle taking and burglary, the Grimsby Telegraph reported. The court heard that the man had become hooked on the drug known as M-cat and was spending an average of £15-a-day on his habit.