Garage robbery highlights need for motor trade insurance

24 February 2014

Without adequate motor trade insurance in place, the cost of replacing goods or tools stolen from a business can lead to serious difficulties.

One garage in Dundee found out the hard way just how much a theft can impact a business. The MOT Service and Repair Centre on Kirk Street was the subject of a targeted theft of tools and equipment when thieves took around £65,000 worth of items in a raid earlier this month.

According to the police in the city, the theft included high-value diagnostic equipment, five laptops and four tablets. They urged any witnesses to come forward with information about the theft.

Meanwhile, David Sinclair, 46, who owns the garage, told the local Evening Telegraph that the incident has been a real hit for the company. He said: I came into work on Friday and the tools had been taken. The window to the workshop they were kept in had been smashed and I think they must have been in the building for a while because all the stuff was locked away.

Once they had got inside, nobody would have known they were there. They took heaters, tools, battery chargers, and garage equipment.”

He spoke of the troubles the incident has caused the firm: It is worth tens of thousands to us and it has impacted on business. We\’re having to beg and borrow other things to keep us going.”

Having motor trade insurance in place should help to prevent a business from having to fork out large lump sums should the worst happen and they have to replace thousands of pounds worth of stolen goods.