Motorists shamed for illegal habits

Those caught driving badly could find themselves logged on a website which shares information with the public, the police and insurers – which could affect those looking to purchase services such as van insurance.

The site,, has already reported around 7,000 drivers for illegal habits, explains its creator Andrew McGavin, in an interview with the Yorkshire Evening Press.

Mr McGavin states: “The website has had support in the House of Lords and we see it as being proactive in stopping driving offences rather than reactive.”

Those who spot bad driving habits can register details, including licence plate details, which will be passed on to authorities.

It was also noted that the North Yorkshire police are currently cracking down on illegal number plates as part of a week-long campaign.

Van drivers may find their habits improve by the introduction of compulsory speed limiters, as motorists may find their van insurance premiums are increased by speeding endorsements.