Routine trip to mechanics results in thousands of pounds of damage

03 March 2014

Thousands of pounds of damage has been caused after a mechanic drove a car, which went into the garage for a new £40 lightbulb, into the back of another vehicle. The worker\’s negligence may result in the dealership having to call upon their motor trade insurance policy to help cover the significant costs of the repairs to, or replacement of, the car in question.

What began as a routine trip to his local car dealership in Beverley, Yorkshire for a replacement bulb resulted in Ben Langley\’s Vauxhall Insignia being crushed, causing thousands of pounds of damage. Langley, 38, had been waiting outside the workshop when he heard a loud bang a mechanic, who hasn\’t been named, had driven his car with the bonnet up into a ramp holding an elevated Vauxhall Zafira.

The incident caused the hoisted Zafira to fall on Langley\’s car, leaving it with its bonnet torn off, a smashed windscreen and dents in the roof. The fire brigade was called to lift the fallen car off Langley\’s Insignia.

The Yorkshire-based dealership apologised for the event and offered to either repair the car or compensate him to the value of £4,000. Langley has criticised the offer by stating that he would not feel safe driving his children around in the repaired car while the monetary offer would leave him out of pocket.

A spokesperson from the dealership stated: I can confirm Mr Langley’s vehicle was involved in a minor collision during a routine repair in the workshop. Nobody was injured. We have apologised to Mr Langley and accepted our responsibility.

We have given him the use of an Astra while we agree a proper remedy to this situation. The vehicle is easily repairable and we have offered to repair the vehicle at no cost.”

However, Langley\’s responded: They have offered to repair the car, but I’m not interested. They want to do a cut and shove job, and take off the damaged parts and weld new ones back on.

I have got kids and I would not be comfortable driving my car with a welded roof. They want to buy it from me for £4,000, do the work and then put it on the forecourt and make a profit. I don’t think I should have to suffer any loss.”