Brits ‘have more suspension issues than Americans’

Drivers in Britain could have a greater chance of denting their insurance policy than their American counterparts as a survey has shown they are twice as likely to suffer vehicle suspension problems.

Research by Warranty Direct has shown that 42 per cent of faults with Ford Focuses in the UK are suspension-related, while the figure falls to 17 per cent in the US.

Duncan McClure Fisher of Warranty Direct commented: “Continuous driving over cracked or uneven road surfaces, or one sudden jolt from a pothole, can cause substantial damage to shock absorbers, springs, upper and lower arms and stabiliser bars.”

He added that while the UK has just 250,000 miles of road and America has four million, Britain is the “poor relation” in terms of road maintenance expenditure.

Back in 2006, the Asphalt Industry Alliance discovered that four in five local authorities believe that the safety of motorists is at risk because not enough is spent on maintaining the country’s roads.