Motorists leaking cash through deflating tyres?

Motorists hoping to save money by keeping their insurance policy premiums intact this year may find that they are already losing cash in other ways.

Firm Cooper Tire Europe has discovered that UK drivers lose £2.2 million every day when filling up their vehicles through under-inflated tyres.

Wheels that are not properly filled can make cars run less fuel-efficiently.

The firm has also found that under five per cent of vehicles are being driven with the correct tyre pressure, while checks have revealed that the average tyre is under-filled by ten per cent less than the level advised by the car maker.

It is now urging driver to make monthly tyre pressure checks or monitor how full their vehicles are when they fill up with fuel, as pressure can decrease even more during winter months.

Meanwhile, TyreSafe recently called upon drivers to invest in cold weather tyres for the winter months.