Side-swiping incidents down

Drivers who use the motorway and feel intimidated by the large lorries may be relieved to read that incidents of side-swiping by the juggernauts have been reduced.

Since the implementation of a pilot scheme in which lorries were fitted with Fresnel lenses to magnify their rear views, occurrences of side-swiping have dropped by 59 per cent, the Department for Transport has said.

Announcing the figure, road safety minister Jim Fitzpatrick said: “Side-swiping is an issue we are determined to tackle. It’s important that all truckers whether from Britain or overseas are able use our roads safely.”

Some 90,000 of the lenses will now be distributed across the country, which may be welcome news for insurance policy holders.

This is in addition to the 40,000 that were given out for free during the pilot project.

Side-swiping tends to occur on motorways when a car tries to overtake a left-hand drive lorry on the right side.