Nissan to send drivers maintenance notifications for 'connected' cars

As part of the marque's bid to make its cars more 'connected', Nissan has announced that many of its new cars will be able to send notifications to drivers when they are due for servicing and maintenance.

The first cars to be 'connected' to this level will be launched in India and Japan in 2017. The manufacturer then plans to role out the feature across more countries by 2020.

This is the latest in a long line of semi-autonomous features to be released by major manufacturers in recent months and years. Dealers will do well to take on board the growing appetite for these kinds of features as consumers expect the business of owning a car to become increasingly simple with the addition of new features. Dealers changing their stock offering to reflect this growing market should update their motor trade insurance to include all new stock.

Nissan, alongside other brands, are hoping to enhance the customer experience through the introduction of these new 'connected' features, which are intended to take the stress out of owning a car. The hardware needed to enable the notifications will soon be able to be retrofitted into existing vehicles. It works by allowing the car to stay in touch with the Nissan dealer network, which will receive information about its location and diagnostics.

Kent O'Hara, Nissan corporate vice president, stated: "We'll know what's wrong with that vehicle, we'll know where the vehicle is, we'll know what parts are needed for the vehicle … and we can provide convenient service and alternative transportation options."