Norway could ban petrol and diesel cars by 2025

Norway may just be the first country in the world to ban the use of petrol and diesel-run cars, according to a report in an influential local newspaper.

Following the exclusive story, the world's media has been responding to the idea of an entire country running on electric cars, and a mixed response has emerged. For many, the move makes sense as the country exports almost all of its natural resources and manages very well without consuming vast amounts of gas and oil. In fact, a quarter of the new vehicles sold in Norway are already powered by electricity.

As we move further and further towards electric cars becoming a realistic alternative to petrol and diesel cars, many dealerships will start to add electric car models to their offering. However, it's vital that dealerships diversifying their stock in this way keep their motor trade insurance up to date to ensure they are sufficiently covered.

Elon Musk, the eccentric billionaire behind the Tesla car brand took to Twitter to voice his approval of the decision stating that Norway is an "amazingly awesome country" for taking the plunge and moving towards 100 per cent electric cars.

The report states that the plan has come about following agreements between officials from all sides of Norway's political spectrum and that the ban will take effect from 2025. However, some on the more right wing side of politics in the country claim that the ban has not yet been officially confirmed.