Pothole compensation claims skyrocket after winter floods

The winter storms and flooding across the UK has led to an increase of 750 per cent in the number of pothole compensation claims motorists are making to local councils.

Somerset Council said that in January and February of this year they received 204 claims from drivers who damaged their vehicles because of the state of local roads, up from just 24 in the two months before. While Somerset has been the worst affected region, car axles, wheels and suspension faults have been troubling motorists across the UK.

The spike in damage caused by potholes will also have an effect on the companies repairing vehicles, who are seeing demand for their services rise. Naturally, if a company sees a significant change from its regular business practices it is worth checking that its motor trade insurance policy offers adequate cover; a notable increase in the amount of vehicles on site, for example, could require alterations to a broader policy.

According to campaign website Potholes.co.uk, Surrey County Council admitted a 353 per cent increase in claims, with a further backlog waiting to be entered onto the system. Meanwhile, Dorset County Council saw a 127 per cent increase to 193 claims, after it experienced triple its average amount of rainfall at the start of the year.

The campaigners are now calling for additional signs to be put on stretches of road that have been particularly badly affected as a short-term solution. In the long-term, there is a call for councils to do more to address the condition of the roads, something that could save them money against the number of compensation claims they are currently having to pay out on to have local motorists’ vehicles repaired.