Quality of garage repairs questioned

A mechanic in Reading has been accused of failing to identify and carry out all of the repairs required to a Ford Ka that had been involved in an accident.

Anne Hamilton took her car to A&T Auto Tech after another driver hit the vehicle, getreading reported. The driver of the other vehicle persuaded Ms Hamilton to allow him to pay for the repairs directly instead of putting a claim through her insurance company and the pair went straight to the garage to sort the matter.

However, a number of issues emerged with the work done by the garage. To begin with, A&T's Festus Vandi said that the total cost of repairing the vehicle would be £630. When Ms Hamilton later received the invoice, the bill stated that only £444 worth of repairs had been done.

Ms Hamilton's faith in the garage was further dented when she took her vehicle to another mechanic when it got a puncture soon after the initial accident. The second team of mechanics said they were “speechless” at the poor state of the repairs conducted by A&T. They added that the vehicle was a write-off, suggesting that it would cost nearly £2,000 to fix all of the problems.

The customer returned to A&T to point out the issues but Festus Vandi of the garage “refused to take responsibility”, leaving Ms Hamilton to put a claim through her own insurance company to have the vehicle written off.

Cases like this highlight the risk that dodgy repairs can present to both the safety of drivers and the financial health of a garage, should a customer decide to put in a claim against the garage for the poor work. In the vast majority of cases, garages will work hard to carry out repairs to the best of their abilities, but mistakes can still happen and things can be missed, making it vital that the business has professional indemnity cover in place to protect them against any negligence claims.