Road risks insurance mix up leaves garage out of pocket

The owner of a car garage in Nottinghamshire says his business was at threat as the police impounded a customer's vehicle because of a mix up over an employee's road risks insurance policy.

Rhea Lindley, a 20-year-old employee at Lindleys Autocentre, had picked up a customer's Range Rover from another garage and was returning it to her own when she was stopped by the police. The police claimed she was not insured to drive the car and her father, the garage's managing director David Lindley, had to go to the station to show them the documents that proved she was entitled to drive the 4×4.

Road risks insurance is a necessity for anyone working in the motor trade as it enables them to drive stock or customers' car they are repairing, which they will need to do on a day-to-day basis. Once it had been proved that Rhea was a named driver on the business' policy she was allowed to go free but the Range Rover she was driving had been taken to a compound.

Lindleys Autocentre had to pay £150 to have the car collected from the police compound in Colwick, the Nottingham Post reported.

Mr Lindley commented after the incident: "I just couldn't believe it – we drive customers' cars every day, and we have the proper insurance to do that. I can understand them pulling Rhea over when they saw a young girl driving a big Range Rover, but as soon as I came with the documents, that should have been it."

He added: "Luckily the customer was very understanding, but it could have been completely the opposite. We could have lost a big contract on the back of it, and it could have put our reputation under threat."

The car owner Michael Shephard had to take a day's holiday to go to the compound to pick up the car as the police would not release it to anyone else.