Roadshows to promote electric vehicles announced

NFDA Trusted Dealers, the online used car website, has teamed up with consumer advice body the Energy Saving Trust to launch a range of dealer-led roadshows designed to increase awareness among UK car-buyers about electric vehicles.

The events, starting in Leeds in April followed by further sessions at dealerships in London, Derby, Nottingham, Southampton and Birmingham, will give motorists the opportunity to experience the latest ultra-low emission vehicle technology.

Currently, car-buyers who want to purchase an electric vehicle are able to get £4,500 from the government to do so; however, according to a recent One Poll survey, the majority of people don’t know such incentives even exist.

″Our partnership with Trusted Dealers will allow us to speak directly to consumers and debunk common misconceptions about green cars,” said Andrew Benfield, group director of transport at the Energy Saving Trust.

At the roadshows consumers will be given more information about what ultra-low emission vehicles are and how switching to one could save them money. Certain assumptions around electric vehicles will also be ‘busted’, such as their range capacity and cost.

The cities involved in the scheme are all part of the government’s air quality plan to meet statutory nitrogen dioxide limits across the UK.

Neil Addley, managing director of NFDA Trusted Dealers, said: ″This new partnership will give consumers a first-hand look at the developments in the ULEV market and how making the switch to a low emission vehicle could save them money.

“The Energy Saving Trust is committed to advising drivers and businesses on the sustainable alternative fuel vehicles which will work best for them, as well as helping the environment. It’s great to have the Trust on-board to share their expertise and advice.″

If you are thinking of moving into working with electric vehicles to diversify your dealership and take advantage of this growing market, you will need to look closely at your motor trade insurance.

Different volumes of cars and different values of stock will all be important when assessing your needs. Also, if you intend to offer repairs and servicing of electric vehicles, you will need a new skill set which also is likely to require different levels of insurance.

Moving into the electric vehicle market may make a big difference to your profitability as a dealership in the longer term, whether you concentrate wholly on electric vehicles or stock them alongside traditionally fuelled vehicles. As news of these roadshows demonstrates, it’s set to be a growing market that's worth watching.