Scottish car dealer jailed for siphoning funds

A car salesman in Scotland has been jailed for almost two years after he stole over £117,000 worth of payments from the dealership he was working for.

Callum Carr, 33, worked at a branch of Arnold Clark in Linwood, Renfrewshire for six years. Having built up significant gambling debts, Mr Carr began giving out his own bank details for customers to pay into, embezzling £117,282 in the process.

While Mr Carr was siphoning money straight into his own account, car dealerships can organise cover to protect any cash they have on site or in transit as part of a combined motor trade insurance policy. This can help ensure any theft will not leave the business dramatically out of pocket.

Mr Carr eventually came clean and told his bosses about his scam, the Daily Record reported. He appeared at Paisley Sheriff Court, on 29 July 2014 where he was jailed for 20 months.

Defence solicitor Phil Lafferty said Carr developed a “significant gambling problem” and his debts had spiralled.

He said: “What drove him to turn himself in was a combination of guilt and a degree of anxiety and stress brought on by the knowledge of his crime.” He added that Carr was seeking help from Gamblers Anonymous.

The customers who had unknowingly paid their money into Mr Carr’s account have also been reimbursed, the dealership confirmed.