Swift response key to clinching sales for car dealerships

Providing quick and detailed responses to customers' queries is critical for car dealerships when it comes to securing sales, new research has found.

According to a survey by Motors.co.uk, 96 per cent of car buyers will usually contact more than one dealership when researching their purchase, highlighting the importance of timely responses to beat the competition. The same number said that they would expect a reply to their enquiry within 24 hours, while 27 per cent wanted a response within just one hour.

Having systems in place to enable prompt and thorough replies to customer enquiries is clearly pivotal to the success of any individual or business selling cars. Much like having a high quality road risks insurance or combined motor trade insurance policy, putting this in place will give the business every chance of succeeding, while failure to do so could be detrimental to the business' future.

In terms of the information customers were looking for in their enquiries, Motors said 89 per cent of consumers would expect confirmation that the vehicle is still available, while 71 per cent would want the direct contact details of the salesperson. The same number would want to be given opening times, while 48 per cent would expect to receive information on similar vehicles available.

The research also found that price (79 per cent), reputation (76 per cent), location (76 per cent) and vehicle choice (52 per cent) were identified as the key factors for drivers looking to change their car and pick a dealership.