Tanker crashes into dealership forecourt

Damage running into tens of thousands of pounds was caused when a tanker driver collapsed at the wheel and crashed into a car dealership’s forecourt.

The accident happened at a Mercedes-Benz dealership in Bolton, Greater Manchester. Five vehicles were either written off or damaged when the Speciality Coatings Ltd tanker ploughed into them.

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Staff from the dealership went to the aid of the driver, who worked for Earl Transport of Accrington. He was taken to the Royal Bolton Hospital, where he was treated for minor injuries. Fortunately, no one else was hurt in the incident.

The tanker crashed into the dealership after initially colliding with signs and traffic lights on the central reservation. It then crashed into a lamppost and continued on to the forecourt.

Dealership general manager Gordon Mee said his staff reacted quickly and went to help the tanker driver.

He told the Lancashire Telegraph: “They all tried to do the right thing. Nobody has been injured, which is the main thing and everyone contributed to making the place safe.”

Mr Mee was initially concerned that the tanker was leaking diesel but the liquid coming from the vehicle was washer fluid. The vehicle was transporting plastisol for the wallpaper industry to Hull, where it was due to be shipped to the Netherlands. The substance is not hazardous.

Shaun Taylor, assistant manager at the Kwik Fit garage close to the Mercedes-Benz dealership said: “This road can be terrible. Everybody from Mercedes ran out and someone went into the driver’s cab to see to the driver.”

Roads around the dealership were closed for a couple of hours while the scene was made safe.