Thieves take mechanic's tools, cash and customer's car

A Manchester mechanic fears he may have to shut up shop after thieves broke into the business and escaped with a customer’s car and an estimated £15,000 of equipment.

DB Autos in the Milnrow area of the city was targeted by burglars who police believe disconnected the alarms and covered over CCTV cameras while they filled a customer’s Mercedes A-class car with tools and used it to escape.

A good motor trade insurance policy is vital to cover businesses against burglary and it’s important to include the value of tools and equipment stored overnight at the site.

DB Autos owner, David Brandwood, said he does not believe his business will be able to survive the “very big impact” of the break-in.

He told the Manchester Evening News: “It really looks like we’re going to have to cease trading. We’ve only been trading eight or nine months and have just been getting on our feet. This has really kicked us down big time.

“This is the final nail in the coffin.”

He said in addition to tools, the garage’s diagnostic equipment was cleared out and the thieves also escaped with the safe containing cash.

Police recovered the customer’s car the day after the burglary, but the garage’s tools and equipment have not been found.

Mr Brandwood said that he did not know of any enemies he had but that he believed his business had been deliberately targeted by the gang.