Three provenance checks per car at dealerships

New figures produced by the RAC have shown that the average car dealer carries out three provenance checks per vehicle, reports CarDealer magazine.

The RAC looked at all the related data compiled before and after its recently launched RAC Car Passport for Dealers service to obtain the figures. The motoring organisation found that provenance checks are carried out at three critical moments during the acquisition and sale process. On average, this occurs when the vehicle is purchased, again when it is put on sale and once more when it is delivered to a customer.

Provenance checks are an important part of any car dealer’s duty, as it shows a high levels of customer service that will bring buyers back time and time again. As part of this commitment to their customers, car dealers should also consider good demonstration insurance to provide test drives on request — in addition to their general motor trade insurance and road risks insurance.

Robert Diamond, the managing director of motoring services at the RAC, said of the figures: “The status of a vehicle, especially when it comes to finance, can change quite quickly, so dealers ideally want to check every time it could potentially change.”

Mr Diamond went on to say that the optimum number of provenance checks was three. He cited the RAC Car Passport for Dealers service as key to the increasing checks carried out by dealers.

He added: “Because there is no additional cost for refreshes, it seems that dealers are carrying out more checks, something that we believe can only be good news because it adds to the security of the vehicle for dealer, finance provider and customer.”