Trust ‘more important’ than price for used car buyers

Around 14 per cent of second-hand buyers prioritise trust in their dealer over the price of vehicles, according to recent research.

Conducted by AA-Populus, a survey of 18,077 AA members revealed 25 per cent of drivers feel safety is the most important consideration when purchasing a new used car, while the condition of the car was second at 23 per cent and an affordable price was only a concern for 12 per cent.

The research also revealed that drivers aged 65 and over were the most likely to select their new used vehicle based on their trust in a dealer, with 19 per cent stating this was an important factor, although this issue was only a concern for nine per cent of buyers aged between 18 and 34.

Trust may be less of an issue for younger drivers but it’s clear it remains an important factor in the success of used car dealers. One way dealers can ensure they earn their buyers’ trust is by providing comprehensive motor trade insurance policies that deliver full legal cover for their customers.

According to Simon Benson, director of motoring services at AA Cars, the internet has had a huge impact on the way people purchase their used cars. However, Mr Benson recognises that the research highlights how important traditional values remain.

“Just how influential the impact of online car shopping has been is born out in how few people are bothered about the convenience of a dealership,” he said. “The typical car buyer no longer just hopes to chance upon the right car locally – evidence shows that drivers will do extensive research online before heading to a dealership that they can trust.”