Trust My Garage scheme to financially back-up car repair work

Motorists and independent garages alike are set to benefit from a new ‘Trust My Garage’ scheme launched by the Independent Garage Association (IGA).

The scheme is intended to help reassure drivers about using independent garages for car repair works by offering to reimburse them up to £1,000 on jobs where the work is found to be substandard, and the garage fails to pay unhappy customers back.

Independent garages are expected to benefit from the scheme, providing they sign up through the IGA. However, garage owners should also take out comprehensive combined traders insurance to protect themselves and their customers from unforeseen costs.

Under the Trust My Garage scheme, drivers who have a dispute with a garage can get in touch with Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) service to make a formal complaint. The complaint will then be reviewed by the ADR, and if they rule in favour of the customer and the garage still refuses to pay up, the IGA will pay up to £1,000 to cover the costs of the work.

Far from questioning the integrity of independent garages, the scheme is intended to demonstrate the level of trust the IGA has in the garage involved in the scheme.

Stuart James, director of the IGA, spoke to Auto Express about the scheme, explaining: “To bolster support of independents, we’re introducing a £1,000 guarantee for any garage signed up to the Trust My Garage scheme. We have that much confidence in them that we’ll back them up financially.”

Drivers are invited to find their nearest garage that is registered with the scheme by entering their postcode into the website.