Two rival Derbyshire dealerships featured in new Dave series

A new TV show to be aired on Dave later this month explores the world of used car dealerships, featuring two rival businesses operating in the Derbyshire area.

Used Car Wars focuses on a company called Caralot, based in Spondon, which has since actually gone into liquidation. The other dealership to feature heavily in the show is Geoff Cox Used Cars.

According to a report in the Derby Telegraph the two owners of Caralot fell out with each other following the filming of the show in summer 2016 and the collapse of the business was revealed in November last year. It seems that there may have been more to the closure, after the newspaper revealed that 77 complaints had been made against the firm and the quality of the cars it was selling, in the three years prior to the closure.

Caralot was ordered by Derby County Council to avoid misleading customer as to the quality of the cars on its forecourts.

Not only does the knowledge that the dealership has been at the centre of a controversy help with the ratings, but the show is also expected to be full of the pranks and friendly competition between the two Derbyshire dealerships. From practical jokes to chilli-eating contests, the two teams have been high profile rivals in the area, resulting in some great TV moments, no doubt.

The show itself will actually pit the two dealerships against each other to try to make the most profits on the used cars they are selling, with the winners choosing a forfeit for the losers to undertake each week.

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