Video technology being adopting by more dealers

The use of videos among prospective car buyers during their online research is becoming increasingly popular, according to video firm CitNow.

The firm's chief executive says that dealers themselves are now using video technology in sales or after sales procedures, with 65 per cent of the franchised dealers in the UK opting for CitNow products. The service is also used by manufacturers themselves to promote their cars to buyers doing research outside the dealership environment.

Offering extra services such as these videos helps buyers to gain a better understanding of how the cars they are interested in actually operate and look inside and out. Enhancing sales procedures in this kind of way helps to get buyers through the door and to engage them on another level. It's vital, however, to ensure that you update your traders combined insurance to include new technologies and equipment.

CitNow's chief executive, Alistair Horsburgh, explained how the firm's video technology can enhance the sales experience offered by dealerships: “The clever, and the most entrepreneurial, sales people are personalising videos, and sending them to customers showing them (for example) how they could have the 2017 version of their current car, for around the same price as they’re paying now.”

He added that the automotive industry is at a 'tipping point' in its use of digital technology, with more and more dealers willing to go digital in what has, in the past, been more of a traditional sales environment. CitNow says working with customers on improving the product has allowed it to develop better picture and sound quality.