Volvo cuts servicing times with multi-skilled teams

Volvo has cut down on servicing times by rolling out two-person multi-skilled teams (MSTs) to around 75 per cent of its UK dealerships, reports AM Online.

MSTs involve employing two or more specialist car servicing experts to work simultaneously on the same vehicle, drastically cutting down on the time a customer has to wait for their vehicle checks and repairs. Under such a scheme, one technician will typically carry out diagnostic work, while the other will undertake routine maintenance tasks, which has reduced the average total servicing time by as much as half.

Customer service has become more and more important for car dealers across the UK, as increased competition from online vendors has eaten into the dealership market. Offering extras such as aftersales servicing and test drives are even more vital than ever. So, in addition to general motor trade insurance and road risks insurance, dealers should consider demonstration insurance too, to ensure they are covered for test drives whenever they are requested.

Volvo says that MSTs have helped them cut the time for a standard service down from 54 minutes to 27 minutes while a basic service has been reduced from 40 minutes to just 20 minutes. While-you-wait customers have subsequently increased by 45 per cent in Volvo’s 10 trail-run dealerships.

Len Hallows, the TMS managing director for Volvo, said: “If customers know they can come to the dealership and get everything sorted in under an hour and work on the free Wi-Fi if they need to, it’s much more time-efficient for them.”