Women claim they are overcharged for repairs by garages

A recent study by motoring products provider Motoreasy has found that some 29 per cent of women claim they have been overcharged by garages when they take their car in for repairs, claiming this is down to sexism.

Garage owners need to be aware of this issue and the importance of providing a fair and approachable service to all customers. The study revealed that the women affected by the alleged sexism say they are likely to take their business elsewhere if they feel they are being overcharged for services and repairs because they are female.

Among the women surveyed in the age bracket 20 to 25, the percentage claiming they have been ripped off grows to 34 per cent.

Interestingly, even more men than women (47 per cent) claim they have been overcharged by garages, but do not put this down to sexism.

Although these claims of overcharging can not be verified as such, the perception among so many customers that they are being treated unfairly should, perhaps, raise alarm bells for garage owners. Those wishing to ensure that they appear as an approachable, reliable and honest garage need to take measures to ensure customers are treated equitably. They need to be careful not to base quotes and work recommendations on a customer’s gender and could also benefit from investing in enhancing the customer experience, by adding services that can make a trip to a garage a more pleasant experience.

Investing in training, facilities and equipment, such as nicer toilets, coffee areas and seating, can pay dividends for independent business owners, but they also need to ensure their motor trade insurance is updated to include these new investments.

This latest study supports similar research carried out last year, which shows that women are routinely charged more than men for car repairs at the same garages.