Women ‘not hired’ by third of top car dealers

A third of the top performing car dealers on Auto Trader have never hired women to work within their sales team, according to new research commissioned by the online classified website.

According to MotorTrader.com, a survey of 70 dealers revealed that gender diversity remains a significant issue within the car dealer sector, with less than a quarter currently hiring a woman for their sales team and a third having never hired a woman.

The report argues that having greater gender diversity in the workplace can boost the performance of staff, heighten engagement, help to grow reputation, increase employee retention and even help to provide a greater variety of perspectives when it comes to planning a company’s future.

Of course, in order to take advantage of these benefits car dealers should also make sure they provide the correct level of legal cover and insurance to look after their employees. Updating motor trade insurance policies regularly can help deliver this cover and ensure employees are protected.

Commenting on the results of the survey, newly published White Paper ‘The Shifting Mind-Set: From the Traditional to the Pioneering’ suggested that a diverse approach to employee hire could help a company retain their market share in an ever changing market.

“If your customer base is diverse, than your colleague base needs to be too. Simply put, women buy from women,” it said. “Today’s market is a challenging but buoyant one and many dealers that are yet to embrace digital are surviving. But if and when the market does change, only the pioneers will succeed.”

A number of additional key findings from the survey were also reported in the White Paper, including the revelation that the most pioneering car dealers were found to have a greater commitment to delivering radical change.

Additionally, these car dealers were found to invest more in the training of their staff, ensure they’re hiring the right person for their company every time they recruit, and regularly employ staff members from outside of the industry who have a strong background in customer service and other specialist skills.